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Antoglas enables Customers to out-source their precision CNC machining and sheet-metal fabrication so they can focus on their core competences. We provide services such as CNC milling, turning, laser cutting, plate bending, MIG/TIG welding, powder coating and assembly. Our 1000m2 manufacturing site is located in Radom, Poland. Hence our leverage is in offering highly competitive pricing and quality at the same time. That raises all new opportunities for our Customers.


Whether you need individual or complete assemblies, we are committed to provide personalized service. Promoting open communication we assure your criteria, lead time requirements and budget are understood and achieved. We can meet all of your prototyping and production needs including quick delivery on low quantity prototypes, tight tolerance fabrications and high volume batch deliveries.


With our high quality products we can supply MRB (Manufacturing Record Book), dimensional report, NDT report, ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) and execute projects according to international PMI standard.


Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art MAZAK and AMADA machines. Experienced employees and continous investment in latest technologies and are key elements to our continuous growth and success. Valuing Relationships and Customer needs Continues growth



CNC machining


Antoglas offers various CNC machining services. We are equipped with CNC milling center and conventional milling and turning machines. We ensure produced components are delivered in compliance with Customer documentation. We machine various metallic and non-metallic materials within envelope of 1000x600x500mm.


Laser cutting


Antoglas offers laser cutting services. It is modern, flexible and highly cost effective fabrication method. We ensure highest accuracy and smooth cut edges requiring little or no finish.


We have experience with various materials i.e.:

Carbon steel  up to 25 mm

Stainless steel up to 14 mm

Aluminum up to 10 mm

Nickel alloys – e.g. Inconel 625 up to 5 mm

Other metallic and non-metallic materials


We own two CNC laser cutting machines i.e.:


• Mazak Hypergear 510 4kW, 3000x1500mm

• Mazak NTX-48 1.5kW, 2500x1250mm


Even though Mazak machines are extremely reliable, our philosophy is that at least one off the machines has to be always available to ensure continuous and smooth deliveries.


Sheet bending


Antoglas offers precision sheet metal bending. Careful consideration is given to selecting the most appropriate folding process to meet customer’s requirements. We are equipped with Amada press brakes that deliver:


• Maximum bending length up to 3 meters

• Maximum capacity up to 110 tones

• Reliability and repeatability of products

• Wide range of tooling that allows to execute versatile operations

• Special orders processing involving unique tools implementation


Self-clinching fasteners installation


Antoglas is also providing self-clinching fasteners installation (e.g. PEM®). We are equipped with dedicated machine. Fasteners are very favorable and commonly used in electrical components enclosures as they provide quick and accurate assembly.


Other services


Antoglas offers following additional services:


• MIG/TIG welding

• Assembly


 Our philosophy is to deliver finished components to our Customers. As we don’t have in-house coating department, we cooperate with qualified companies and offer following surface finish services:


• Powder coating

• Anodizing

• Galvanization

• Others




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T: +48 602 316 711

E: biuro@obrobkalaserem.pl


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